Rosedale Gold Turf Sand

Our premium “Rosedale Gold” turf sand is sourced from our Rosedale quarry in Central Gippsland.

This unwashed product in its normal screened ex quarry state produces a very desirable turf sand with excellent Particle Size Distribution, neutral pH and achieves expected drainage rates.

Many fine sands are sourced from dune deposits which can have high salt content and narrow Particle Distribution. This can lead to caking, poor drainage and unacceptable pH levels. A fast drainage rate will lead to high water use and the leaching of nutrients, a slow drainage rate will cause “ponding” and can cause the sub layer to become anaerobic. Both these conditions lead to poor growth and in extreme cases will lead to failure of the turf.


Rosedale Gold sand can be blended with other materials to create a growing medium that achieves the highest standards of Sports Turf requirements.


We have stock of this product being held in smaller quantities available for smaller orders, and we have large stocks available for commercial and sports applications. We have a reasonably priced delivery option available to us on a back-load basis. Lead times are required to utilise this transportation option.

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