Visitor Induction

All visitors must complete this Induction Procedure. By filling in the Induction Form at the end of this Vistor Induction process, you agree to the requirements set out by Gippsland Premium Quarries before entering the quarry premises.

Office Inductions:

7am – 3pm Monday to Friday

All visitors after induction and arrival at the quarry office must wait until they receive personal supervision from a quarry employee or sent to the relevant area.


All drivers must communicate with each other

Entering the Quarry

1/ "Empty off the main road" – call B4 turning into Thurlows Road 


2/ "Empty down to the creek" – call B4 you go down the hill


‚Äč3/ If you have not been in for over a week OR you have a different truck/trailer combination, you must advise weighbridge operator your truck registration and wait for directions

4/ Advise loader driver what you are picking up and wait for diections


Exiting the Quarry

1/ "Loaded off the weighbridge" – call as leaving the weighbridge

2/ "Loaded down the creek" – call at the top of hill, quarry gate

3/ "Loaded onto the main road" – call B4 the end of Thurlows Road

All empty trucks must give way to loaded trucks!





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