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Electricity and water are the only inputs to the washing and screening process, and diesel for the extraction and haulage equipment. After the sand has been screened and dewatered the unused orange water is diverted to a silt storage dam. On its way to the dam it passes by a reclamation system which captures sand that might have been missed in the wash process.

Once at the silt dam the sediments are allowed to settle and gradually build up. Over time the sediment levels rise to the point that they are exposed to the air and dry in the sun. As the silts dry and become able to be worked they are used to reclaim non-productive areas in the quarry.

 At the same time the water that carried the silts to the dam begins making its way through the ground water table and passes through many metres of sand to another water storage facility on site beneath the quarry’s production level. The water that emerges in the lower dam is crystal clear after passing through so many layers of sand. This reclaimed clean water is then pumped to another freshwater dam at the quarry site where it is reused to wash and transport the sand once again.

Our production process is environmentally sound, without the need for chemicals or explosives.

All water is reclaimed, and all by products are used to fill old pits. As the old excavation pits are filled the topsoil from the beginning of the process is spread back out over the old pits and sown with grass seed. Once the seed has grown and taken root the farm fences are moved, and the old quarry site is handed back to the landowner.

Our quarry is situated in the middle of beef and dairy farmland, the site is surrounded by livestock and former working areas of the quarry have been rehabilitated and are now back being used as productive farmland.

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