Drainage Sand

Gippsland Premium Quarries has two reasonably priced alternatives to traditional aggregates for the drainage industry.

Pea Gravel is a naturally occurring product it has NO flat edges, (unlike crushed rock) which means that it will not pack down in a drainage situation, thus allowing moisture to drain away freely.

Pea gravel is a unique washed sand product that consists mainly of granules between 4.75mm and 2.36mm in diameter, and Supa Pea Gravel which has a size range predominantly falling in the 7mm to 10mm range.

These products are not only considerably cheaper than aggregate by weight, they are also lighter than aggregate by volume offering considerable yield advantages.

For example: 1m3 Pea Gravel = 1600kg

                      1m3 7mm aggregate = 2600kg

Trucks are able to haul a higher volume per trip, and it takes less weight of material to complete a project.

Our 5mm Pea Gravel, and 7-10mm Supa Pea Gravel are WSA 351 approved. As part of the WSA 351 authorisation process the gravels were tested for:

AS 1411.22 Wet/Dry Strength

AS 1411.32 Weak Particles

Find the results, PSD’s and approvals on our technical page.

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